The Team


Jorge Saenz is Senior Consultant for R.A. Edwards & Associates/Rodriguez Group based in Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and is bilingual with native fluency in Spanish. He has over 12 years of experience in law enforcement and industrial security.

Background & Experience:

Following a career in the pharmaceutical industry Mr. Saenz entered the public safety sector in 1993 as an Investigator with the Chihuahua, Mexico State Police. After graduation from the State Police Academy, Saenz was assigned to the Major Crimes Squad which was then a pilot project under development by the Chihuahua State Police. In his short tenure as a State Police investigator he earned distinction by resolving a number of previously unsolved multiple homicides, including police assassinations and female sex crime murders.

In 1995 Saenz was recruited by Investigations Plus, an El Paso, Texas based private investigative firm. While with Investigations Plus, Mr. Saenz specialized in physical surveillance and management of workplace undercover investigations. He worked a number of cases under contract with Rodriguez-Zagal & Company, a security consulting firm based in El Paso and Mexico City, Mexico. In 2000 Saenz joined Rodriguez-Zagal & Company’s multinational team of investigative consultants. From 2000-2004 he conducted or supervised hundreds of investigations for Fortune 500 clients of Rodriguez-Zagal and its successor, the Rodriguez Group, in Mexico, Central and South America. He has developed considerable expertise in the investigation and/or management of:

• Workplace Violence
• In-Transit Cargo Theft and Hijacking
• Employee Theft Ring Activity
• Workplace Drug Issues
• Insurance Fraud
• Counterfeiting and Sale of Prescription Medication
• Executive Protection Projects
• Business Security Assessments

Saenz has also earned a reputation as an excellent bilingual interview-interrogation specialist. He has been trained in application of the III Technique of Interview & Interrogation; LSI SCAN Questionnaire administration and interpretation; and the Reid Technique.

A Mexican national with legal residence in the United States, Jorge has primary responsibility for management of investigations and physical security programs in U.S.-Mexico border areas and major cities in the interior of Mexico outside the Federal District. Additionally, he is responsible for recruitment and management of undercover investigators and coordinates all Latin American undercover operations.